Actualités & Promotions

Cooking Classes

Take Agnès’ Cooking Classes in July and August

Agnès’ Cooking Classes from July 21 to August 25, with one 2-hour session per week - for children and adults

  • Learn by doing
  • Stimulate, ‘’awaken” and educate your taste
  • Mobilise the senses
  • Expand and maintain your know-how
  • Become conscious of the food-health link
  • Achieve something as a group

Some possible themes for events:

  • Pizza in all its forms
  • My ‘’all chocolate” recipes
  • My recipes with fruit
  • My ideas for snacks
  • Little sweets from Bretagne

Events at the Grand Aquarium


Discovery workshops held at the St Malo Grand Aquarium every Thursday morning from July 13 to August 3 inclusive.

Different workshops:

  • understand sharks better and learn to no longer fear this giant of the seas that is itself more threatened than threatening
  • discover animals such as: the starfish, the crab, the turtle and the scallop
  • the octopus and its surprising capacities